The Competition

The indoor competition will be held at RMIT University’s Bundoora Campus East, while the outdoor competition will be held at Greensborough Model Aircraft Club (GMAC). Daily transportation service to and from RMIT and GMAC will be available. The competition missions are setup to highlight the following:
  • Efficient and innovative MAV design
  • Small and lightweight MAVs
  • Autonomy and image processing
  • Stability in turbulent flight
  • Multi-MAV cooperation
  • Low acoustics for MAVs

Team Waiver IMAV2018 (All teams must complete): Team waiver IMAV 2018

Competition Rules (V2.0): IMAV2018 Rules v2.0

Safety Rules (V1.0): IMAV 2018 Safety and Security v1.0

Please see the Safety section for more information.

Location: Outdoor Competition

The outdoor event will be held at the Greensborough Model Aircraft Club (GMAC) in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Note: we recommend wearing sturdy hiking shoes for the outdoor competition.

Location: Indoor Competition

The indoor event will be held at RMIT’s Bundoora Campus East at the Industrial Wind Tunnel facility which forms part of the obstacle course.