Frequently Asked Questions

  • What radio frequencies are/aren’t allowed to be used?
  • Is there 4G/Internet coverage at the competition?
    • Yes. Full mobile phone reception (including 4G) is available at both the indoor and outdoor events. Optus and Telstra are the two major phone carriers for Australia, and most smaller companies use one of the two tower networks.
  • We’d like to post some things to you so they’re waiting when we arrive – what’s your postal address?
    • c/o IMAV Committee
      Bundoora East Campus Reception / Building 251 Level 3 Room 42
      RMIT University
      264 Plenty road
      Victoria    3083
  • What’s the best way to receive updates from IMAV 2018?
    • To stay informed about important dates and any major changes, we recommend you sign up to our mailing list.
    • Additionally you can follow our Twitter account @imav2018 (and use the tag #IMAV2018) which will post updates and information as soon as it becomes available.
    • Otherwise, check the website or our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/RUASRT) regularly for changes.
  • I’m having issues seeing the pricing information for registration – what do I do?
    • Some international attendees have had problems seeing some information on the registration portal. This can be fixed by using a Google Chrome Incognito window or deleting cookies in your chosen browser.
Still don’t have answers to your question? Contact us.