Dr. Reece Clothier

Dr Clothier is currently a Principal Researcher at Boeing Research & Technology – Australia, the President of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS), and an Honorary Associate Professor at RMIT University. In these roles Dr Clothier has been extensively involved with the UAS development in Australia. Dr Clothier has a Bachelors in Engineering (Aerospace Avionics) and a PhD in the design and certification of UAS from QUT. His research interests include UAS autonomy, certification and safety assurance of highly autonomous systems. In 2016 Dr. Clothier was awarded the Outstanding Next Generation Professional at the Aviation/Aerospace Australia National Awards in recognition of his contribution to the Australian UAS industry. He was also the former Industry Co-chair of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Standards Consultative Sub-Committee for Unmanned Systems and currently serves on the General Aviation Advisory Group, which directly advises the Federal Minister of Transport and Infrastructure. Dr. Clothier’s presentation is entitled “The Safety Case Enabling Future Aviation Operational Concepts” Presentation Brief

What will our skies look like in a decade? It is safe to assume that there will be continued growth in the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for a variety of commercial and civil applications. These applications will be diverse, encompassing point-to-point delivery, high altitude remote data collection and communication services, through to applications in emergency and law enforcement. However, UAS will not be alone. A diversity of new air vehicle concepts providing the community with an entirely new means of personal and mass transportation are expected to emerge. It is becoming apparent that our airspace will not only be much busier but will be used in fundamentally new ways. In the face of such new levels of operational complexity, a key challenge will be in ensuring the risks to other airspace users and the communities overflown can be managed to acceptable levels. This presentation takes a look at the elements of the over-arching safety case enabling the future aviation operational concepts. The different risk factors, and the technical and operational risk mitigations available are presented for a range of UAS and urban air mobility (UAM) concepts of operation. The social and political dimensions influencing community acceptance of the risks are also explored.