Dr. Shane Windsor

Dr Windsor is a Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol in the UK.  His research is focussed on the fluid dynamics, sensing and control involved in animal flight, and how biological inspiration can be used to improve autonomous systems. Recently his work has focussed on the dynamics of bird flight and how this can inspire the development of technologies for small unmanned air vehicles (UAVs).  Previously he worked at Oxford University and the University of Auckland, looking at the biomechanics of a wide variety of different biological systems.  He has recently been awarded a prestigious €2 million European Research Council Starting Grant to develop this work further over the next 5 years.   Dr Windsor’s talk will focus on his recent work studying the mechanisms behind how birds are such extremely agile and efficient flyers.  This will include work looking at:
  • the flight stability of gliding birds of prey
  • flight path planning in urban wind fields by GPS tagged gulls
  • bird manoeuvring flight in windy conditions
The talk will then look at how the insights gained from biological systems can be used to develop technologies for UAVs. shane-windsor-hi-res