Lieutenant Colonel Keirin Joyce, CSC

LTCOL Joyce is currently the UAS Sub-Program Manager for the Australian Army and has been extensively involved with UAS development in the Australian Defence Force for the last 12 years. LTCOL Joyce is a graduate of the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) with an Honours Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering, a Masters in Aviation Management, a Masters of Aerospace Engineering, a Masters in Military and Defence Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education (Mathematics), he is currently researching as a Doctorate of Philosophy through ADFA. Lieutenant Colonel Joyce is at the forefront of UAS development in Australia and we look forward to have him attending the conference and competition later this year. Lt Col. Joyce’ will give a talk titled: The Australian Army’s smallest aircraft. Biggest effect? The Australian Army is the world’s largest user of Nano UAS. This talk will discuss why Army has invested in such a tiny aircraft and where they see the future of Micro Air Vehicles.   joyce