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Getting Around



Money & Budgeting


Melbourne weather can be very changeable, with rain, hail, and sunshine all in one day. Average temperatures for November are approximately 17 degrees (avg.high 22, avg. low 12). Conditions are usually dry, with rainfall on 12 days out of the month and an average rainfall total of 57mm. Since summer is approaching, we get approximately 9 hours of daylight. Be mindful of the sunshine, though, the Australian sun can be very harsh (wear sunscreen and a hat).  

Spare Parts and Power

If you require tools and/or spare parts when you arrive, your two best choices will be Bunnings Warehouse (hardware, tools) and Jaycar (electronics, tools). Please also note the restrictions on radio frequencies available for use in this competition (noted in the safety document). RFD900 radios are available for purchase with a discount available to IMAV competitors. Australia uses 230V (50Hz), the same as New Zealand. The plugs in Australia have two flat metal pins shaped like a “V” and some may contain a third flat pin (Earth/ground) in the centre. Visitors from Japan, USA, and Canada will need voltage converters, as well as outlet converters. AUpowerpoint