Melbourne, Australia


The state capital  of Victoria, Melbourne is home to 4.5 million inhabitants, making it Australia’s second largest city. Melbourne is considered to be the cultural capital of Australia and has been voted the world’s most livable city for seven years in a row.

There is plenty to enjoy – the city is home to a diverse range of cafes, restaurants, bars, parks, art galleries and shopping plazas. Find out more at http://www.visitmelbourne.com/

RMIT University

City Campus

The conference portion of IMAV will be held at RMIT University’s City Campus. Please see the RMIT City Campus Map  here. There is no parking available directly at the RMIT city campus. We recommend travelling by public transport: access to trains and trams are both within a short distance. For more information please see the Getting Around section. 

Bundoora Campus

The Bundoora East campus is the location for many senior engineering courses. The indoor competition is to be held at RMIT University’s Bundoora East Campus, in the Industrial Wind Tunnel (Building 257). Please see the RMIT Bundoora Campus Map for building numbers. Parking is available on-site. If you plan to park your car at the campus, please let us know so we can arrange for a parking voucher (otherwise parking is paid only).

Greensborough Model Aircraft Club (GMAC)

GMAC.jpg GMAC has graciously agreed to be the location for the outdoor competition. https://www.gmac.org.au/
GMAC is located approximately 15 minutes drive from the RMIT Bundoora Campus. Buses will be provided for transport on both the practise and the competition days. Due to limited parking available at the GMAC site, we recommend parking at RMIT and catching one of the IMAV buses. If you’re lucky, you might even see some of the regulars at GMAC… kangaroos GMAC